In photos: Boeing 727 burned down in Mexican city


A Boeing 727 has been set on fire in the Mexican city of Tampico. The local police reports that the airplane, which was being preserved in a public park, has most likely been set on fire with a cigarette.

The now bankrupt airline Mexicana had donated the 727 (registration XA-MEB) to the municipality of Tampico in 2005. The plane was to become a monument to Tampico’s aviation history, which included Mexico’s first commercial flight.

Various plans for the Boeing were made over the years, but nothing came of it. As a result, the aircraft continued to decline. It became a gathering place for vandals and other criminals.

How the aircraft has been set ablaze exactly remains unclear. No traces of gasoline or other flamable liquids have been found at the scene. The police expects the fire to be set as a prank by vandals.

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