Taiwanese parliament in favor of name change China Airlines


The Taiwanese parliament voted in favor of a name change for China Airlines, after the prime minister recently expressed a positive opinion. The name change should prevent foreigners from thinking China Airlines is a Chinese airline.

The name China Airlines refers to the Republic of China (Taiwan), but the word China often automatically refers to the People’s Republic of China (mainland China). In addition, the name closely resembles that of Air China, China Southern Airlines and China Eastern Airlines.

Parliament has now voted in favor of a “rebranding”. There is no timeline indicated, so it is still unclear when exactly that will happen. Probably more Taiwanese symbols will be added to the aircraft in the short term and a completely new name will follow later.

China Airlines, a state-owned company, had already indicated that it was open to a new name. However, it is not without risks: Taiwan is a very sensitive subject in China. The People’s Republic of China still might not be happy about the name change, as they do not recognise the independance of Taiwan.

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