Mexico unable to sell luxury government dreamliner


The Mexican government is unable to sell its luxury government aircraft, a Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner. The plane was flown to the United States a year and a half ago to find a new owner. Now the jet is back in Mexico.

The Dreamliner in VIP layout was bought in 2012 by then President Peña Nieto for about 200 milion dollars. The current head of government, López Obrador, thinks such an airplane is a waste of money, especially for a country like Mexico, and put the aircraft on sale for 130 million dollars.

On board of the Boeing 787 there is room for 80 passengers. The Dreamliner has a VIP interior, which includes a meeting room, a bathroom and a sleeping area with a large bed.

According to Obrador, the airplane has now been brought back from the United States, but it will remain for sale. Bids did come in, but they were considered too low. Attempts to exchange the device for medical equipment or to sell it through a lottery also failed.

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