United obligates passengers to wear masks at all airports


United Airlines has taken additional anti-corona measures. For example, as of Friday, passengers at all airports from where the company operates will be required to wear masks at check-in, gate, baggage claim and in the United lounges, even if the airport itself does not require passengers to do so. Anyone who refuses to wear a mask can be banned by United.

In many countries, it is already mandatory to wear a mask in many of the above-mentioned places, but this is not the case everywhere. For example, in the United States, it varies by state whether it is mandatory to wear a mask in airports or not. United is now going to place signs at all airports from where the airline operates to alert passengers of the new measure. The airline will also hand out free masks.

As an additional measure, United has decided to turn the air conditioning on their planes to the maximum setting during boarding and disembarkation. According to the airline, this helps against the spread of the coronavirus, because of the advanced HEPA filters. They stop 99.9 percent of the virus particles.

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