KLM set to grow network to 91 European destinations


Over the coming months, KLM’s network of European destinations will grow from 72 destinations in July to 91 destinations in August, September and October. The number of intercontinental destinations is increasing from 51 in July to 59 in August and 61 in September and October.

The airline aims to offer the most diverse network possible. Although the number of destinations is almost back at the 2019-level (one destination short), the number of flights is still far behind compared to the same period last year. In August there are about 10,000 flights, in September this number goes up to 13,500 and in October KLM operates over 11,000 flights. In 2019, however, there were over 19,000, 18,800 and 14,700 flights respectively.

The intercontinental network is also still slightly behind compared to last year. At that time, 69 destinations were offered from August to October. Currently, KLM only manages to offer a third of these routes. The number of flights is also significantly lower: around 2,000 in August and September and just over 1,800 in October. Last year there were about 3,300, 3,200 and close to 2,600 flights respectively.

The company says it has chosen to first expand the number of destinations in order to have the widest possible range. Then we look at increasing frequencies or increasing capacity.

KLM has said it has chosen to firstly expand the number of destinations in order to achieve the largest possible number of flight offers. Later on, the airline is set to look at increasing flight frequencies and/or flight capacity.

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