Embraer to make in-cabin cargo transport easier


As a result of the significant decrease of commercial flights carrying both passengers and freight, demand for cargo capacity has been growing rapidly. Embraer is therefore making it possible to transport more cargo inside of its aircraft cabins.

Brazilian aviation authority ANAC has granted an exemption for carrying additional cargo in Embraer passenger aircraft. Embraer has published instructions explaining how to accommodate cargo inside the cabin. In-cab cargo carrying is available for Embraer’s EMB 120, ERJ 145 and E-Jets families, including the new E2s.

In addition to placing small packages in the luggage and storage compartments, packages can be placed on each seat. A fully loaded 96-seat E190 can carry around 3,000 kilograms of cargo inside its cabin, in addition to the cargo in the hold. An E195 with 118 seats can even carry 3,750 kilograms of cargo in its passenger compartment. It is also an option to remove up to seventy percent of the seats from the aircraft, making space for additional cargo.

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