Passengers arrested after fight aboard KLM aircraft | Video


Two people were arrested on Friday because of a brawl during a KLM flight from Amsterdam to Ibiza. A couple of passengers refused to wear a mask, and arguments arose about this.

The brawl broke out on flight KL1495 on Friday morning. A KLM spokesman confirmed the incident on Sunday. According to KLM, the passengers were drunk and bothered other occupants and cabin crew both verbally and physically. “The two unruly people were then stopped by our cabin crew, together with other passengers”, said KLM.

Images show that several passengers got into a fight. It can also be seen that some other passengers also did not wear a mask, while this is mandatory on KLM flights.

The spokesman emphasizes that flight safety was not at issue and that the captain of the aircraft had decided to complete the flight to Ibiza. After the landing, the Spanish authorities arrested the two passengers.

uploaded to YouTube by: ‘Big Tip Tony’

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