Boeing risks million dollar fine from the FAA


Boeing is to be fined 1.25 million dollars by the FAA. According to the Federal Aviation Administration, senior executives of the company exerted great pressure on employees responsible for the safety inspections.

The abuse of power is said to have taken place at the Charleston factory, where the Boeing 787 Dreamliner is being built. The workers in question would have been forced to approve planes as soon as possible. In some cases empolyees were threatened with layoffs or lack of promotions, the Seattle Times reports.

Boeing is allowed to supervise flight safety on behalf of the FAA. This has already led to severe criticism after the two 737 MAX crashes. Many feel the aircraft manufacturer should not be allowed to supervise flight safety by itself.

There have been multiple complaits form customers about Dreamliners built in the Charleston factory. Airlines complained about poor build quality and general safety issues.

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