British Airways personnel protests against layoffs


Hundreds of British Airways employees protested this week against the company’s plans for a “fire and rehire” scenario. British Airways wants to cut up to 12,000 jobs and the intention is to recruit staff after their dismissal, but for a considerably lower salary and under less favorable working conditions.

Unite the Union, which represents thousands of staff members of the airline, said it was already preparing to take action against British Airways plans at the end of July. Hundreds of employees gathered this week at the headquarters in Uxbridge, where they expressed their dissatisfaction through banners and masks of board members.

The protesters say they are being pressured by the company to opt for a layoff or the “fire and rehire” scenario. “We are forced to make a decision about our future. They say you have to leave with a dismissal if you don’t opt ​​for the new terms, which have never been discussed with the unions,” an employee told British television channel ITV.

The protesters are also concerned that if they do not oppose the cost-cutting measures, other companies will follow suit. British Airways denies the allegations made by its employees and says it will continue to invite the unions to discuss plans to “ward off the biggest crisis the airline and our industry have ever faced.”

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