Italy threatens to sanction or ban Ryanair


The Italian aviation authority, ENAC, has threatened Ryanair because the Irish low cost carrier would not comply with the COVID-19 safety measures on flights to, from and within Italy. If Ryanair continues to do so the airline will be forced to fly semi-empty planes or even suspend all flights to Italy.

According to ENAC, Ryanair breaking the COVID-19 safety rules is not incidental, but systematic. “Not only are the requirements for social distancing not met, but also the conditions for deviating from this distance”.

In Italy, airlines must ensure that passengers are kept at a distance from each other during the boarding process and in airport buses. This can be done by allowing passengers to board in small groups instead of all at the same time.

In the plane itself there is no need to keep a distance, but the crew must ensure that everyone wears a mask. What Ryanair has done wrong exactly is not clear. ENAC has informed Ryanair itself and the Irish Aviation Authority of the matter.

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