Airbus sees amount of aircraft deliveries increase


Airbus has delivered 49 new aircraft in July. That is slightly more than in May and June, but due to the corona crisis, the figures are much lower than usual. The number of aircraft orders also lags behind: orders came in for only four aircraft.

In May, Airbus delivered 24 aircraft, in June 36 new Airbusses were delivered. In July, exclusively aircraft from the A220 and A320 series were delivered. Last year, although only 33 aircraft were delivered in July, orders were received for 69 aircraft.

Airbus received a total of 369 orders between January 1 and July 31, but including cancellations the net number of orders is 302. That is a lot less than last year: all aircraft manufacturers see the enthusiasm for new aircraft diminishing due to the collapsed aviation market.

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