Ukraine International: no long haul flights before April 2021


Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) does not plan to restart its long haul network before April next year, with scheduled services to New York, Toronto and Delhi. Until then, the company will only operate repatriation and cargo flights to long-haul destinations.

UIA had previously said it expected not to restart long-haul flight services before at least April 2021. The Ukrainian carrier has a long-haul fleet of three Boeing 777-200ERs and two Boeing 767-300ERs. Only the latter aircraft are currently active, as the 777s have been grounded for months.

The airline currently just operates flight services to destinations in and around Europe. Even these services prove to be difficult, as the European Union has extended restrictions for travellers crossing into Schengen borders. UIA currently flies (internationally) to Amsterdam, Paris, Nice, Dubai, Istanbul, Tel Aviv, Milan and Munich. The airline will also operate two flights between Kyiv and Toronto. Beyond that, the airline will only operate long-haul cargo and repatriation flights.

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