Boeing: more 737 MAX cancellations and few deliveries


Boeing has received more 737 MAX cancellations. 43 orders were cancelled, bringing the total number of cancellations to 398. Including the number of order conversions, it totals 416.

43 737 MAX aircraft were cancelled, Boeing announced presenting the aircraft delivery for July. Four aircraft were delivered: one 767, one 777 and two 787 Dreamliners. This brings the total amount of aircraft delivered by Boeing so far this year to 74 aircraft. No new orders came in over the course of July.

In recent times, Boeing has received a lot of 737 MAX order cancellations. Leasing company Avalon cancelled an order for 75 MAX aircraft in April. Another 27 planes were cancelled in July. Furthermore, BOC Aviation cancelled an order for 30 737 MAXs in July. Norwegian Air cancelled an order for 92 MAX aircraft.

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