Canada to perform own 737 MAX test flights next week


Canada’s aviation authority, Transport Canada, is set to carry out an independent series of Boeing 737 MAX test flights.

Transport Canada plans to conduct its own test flights with the aircraft next week. This will make the Canadian authority the first non-U.S. aviation entity to conduct 737 MAX recertification test flights itself. The tests are part of an independent review by the authority to determine whether the safety changes proposed by Boeing are sufficient. “These tests will validate key areas of the FAA certification,” Transport Canada told Reuters.

“The scheduling and participation in the JOEB is dependent on the outcomes of the current certification and validation activities.” The U.S.-led Joint Operational Evaluation Board (JOEB) will evaluate to what extent pilots should at least be trained to fly the 737 MAX. European and Brazilian partners also participate in JOEB, though the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) said it currently does not have a schedule for flight tests similar to Canada’s.

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