Canada completes 737 MAX test flights


The Canadian Aviation Authority has completed its test flights with the Boeing 737 MAX. Canada is the first country, apart from the United States, to test the updated 737 MAX.

Last week, the 737 MAX was investigated by the Canadian Aviation Authority in the United States. After a ground investigation, the first test flights were also carried out. The outcome of the Canadian investigation is still unknown, but ultimately, Canada’s findings, like those from other countries, will be used by the Joint Operational Evaluation Board to determine what needs to be adjusted in the 737 MAX.

Transport Canada will not lift the flight restrictions on the Boeing 737 MAX 8 until the department is fully satisfied that all safety concerns have been addressed by the manufacturer and the FAA, and that enhanced flight crew procedures and training are in place

Mark Garneau, Minister of Transport in Canada

The European aviation authority, EASA, will also shortly be conducting test flights with the aircraft. Starting September 7, researchers from the EASA will operate several flights with the 737 MAX from Vancouver, Canada.

The US Aviation Authority, the FAA, already conducted test flights with the 737 MAX back in July. Recently the FAA gave Boeing advice on what to adjust in the aircraft to get it certified again. This would include a software update and new procedural rules for the pilots.

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