ANA Tests Toilet Door That You Can Open With Your Elbow | Video


A toilet door that passengers don’t open with their hands, but with their elbows. That is what the Japanese airline All Nippon Airways is currently trialling in a lounge at Tokyo Haneda Airport.

More than 70 percent of passengers are concerned about contamination when they use the on-board toilet, NHK World News reports. With this new toilet door – which ANA developed in collaboration with JAMCO Corporation, a Japanese developer of aircraft components – the airline hopes to respond to passenger concerns.

Where the sliding knobs on regular toilet doors on board are too small for elbows, ANA has replaced them with larger sliding handles. In addition, a spring mechanism has been added to facilitate opening and closing of the door.

ANA is running the trial through the end of September. If passenger reactions are positive, the airline wants to implement the doors on planes and in airline lounges.

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