Airbus To Receive Just One Order In August


Airbus only secured one new order in August, the manufacturer reports. The ordered aircraft, an ACJ320neo, is the VIP version of the regular A320neo.

Cancellations and Backlog

In total, 370 aircraft have been ordered from Airbus this year. However, an order for 67 of these aircraft was cancelled, leaving only 303 aircraft ordered. In 2019, Airbus sold 16 more planes during the same period .

For the time being, Airbus is not in need of work. On August 31, the manufacturer still had to work through a backlog of 7,501 aircraft orders. They are yet to deliver 524 A220s, 6091 A320s, 319 A330s, 558 A350 XWBs, and nine A380s.


It is no coincidence that few aircraft were ordered in August, and not just because of the coronavirus pandemic since airlines often don’t announce their orders until air shows or other special events. Since no such fonctions are usually organised in August, the month is generally fairly quiet in terms of orders.

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