Alitalia To Offer “Coronavirus-Free Flights”


Since Wednesday, Alitalia is offering two daily so-called “coronavirus-free flights” from Rome to Milan Linate. The flights are used as a trial, in which all passengers are tested at the airport prior to the flight or must submit a valid negative test certificate.

Passengers who are tested at the airport are advised to arrive at least one and a half hours in advance. They will receive the results within 30 minutes following the test. If it is negative, they can continue and board the flight. There are no additional costs.

The trial involving flights AZ2038 and AZ2092 will last for one month. If successful, Alitalia plans to introduce it on more flights. This way, the airline hopes for travellers to regain confidence in flying and make it possible to fly more safely into so-called higher risk areas. Passengers who do not wish to be tested can take one of the other Alitalia flights to Milan Linate. The Italian airline flies the same route up to seven times a day.

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