Swiss Pilots To Possibly Retrain As Train Drivers


Swiss International Air Lines, together with the SBB, the Swiss railways, is looking into the possibilities of retraining pilots to become train drivers, according to various Swiss media.

The Swiss railways have had a serious shortage of train drivers for some time. The SSB is now in talks with Swiss about temporarily hiring pilots, as Swiss currently has a surplus of cockpit crew.

Swiss does not expect the aviation market to recover before 2024. Where the airline previously wanted to try to get through the crisis without layoffs, this is now inevitable according to the board of the airline.

The corona crisis has made it difficult for the Swiss railways to hold selection days for new drivers. However, the SBB assumes that Swiss pilots also meet the requirements to become a train driver. This means that the pilots who want to participate in the program can immediately start training as a train driver.

No deal has yet been made about a possible transfer of the pilots to the railways. The SBB was able to confirm to various Swiss media that serious talks are being held with Swiss.

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