Alaska Airlines considers purchasing extra 737 MAX aircraft


Boeing is negotiating the sale of additional 737 MAX aircraft with Alaska Airlines. That reports Reuters news agency. Before a flight ban grounded the type worldwide, the US carrier already ordered 32 aircraft.

It is not known how many airplanes the new deal would involve. The Boeing 737 MAX is expected to return to service at the end of this year, after two fatal crashes resulted in a worldwide flight ban. The ban cost Boeing a lot of money in claims from airlines that already had the type in use or were waiting for their ordered aircraft.

The flight ban also caused orders for hundreds of new Boeing 737 MAXs to be canceled.

Alaska Airlines is a major operator of the Boeing 737, and currently has over 160 units in service. In addition, the airline has a fleet of Airbus aircraft, as a result of the acquisition of Virgin America.

It is rumored that the airline is looking to replace their Airbus fleet with Boeing 737’s as a cost saving measure. This has not yet been confirmed by the airline or the leasing companies.

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