Airbus Increases Take-Off Weight And Flight Range A330neo


Airbus now offers the A330-900, the longest variant of the A330neo, with an increased take-off weight. As a result, the aircraft can carry more cargo and fly further than the standard version of the type, making it more interesting for airlines.

The maximum take-off weight (MTOW) has been increased from 242 to 251 tonnes, due to some structural adjustments. This makes it possible to carry an extra six tons of cargo or to fly 1,200 kilometers further. Airbus mainly expects interest from customers who wish to operate flights between, for example, Europe and Asia or between destinations in Oceania and Asia.

The French Corsair will be the first operator of the A330-900 with increased take-off weight.

Next year Airbus also expects to offer an improved version of the A330-800, which is slightly smaller than the A330-900.

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