Airbus Delivers 1,500th A330


Airbus delivered the 1,500th A330 on September 21, the manufacturer announced today. It’s an A330-900 for Delta Air Lines. Since its first delivery in 1993, the A330 has become by far the most popular European-made widebody.

Worldwide, only two widebody aircraft have been delivered more often: the Boeing 747 and the Boeing 777. However, the A330 has by far the most diverse customer base: more than 120 airlines have taken this type of aircraft into service, which is why Airbus calls it the most popular widebody.

Although the A330 does not have the special looks of a 747 or an A380, the aircraft is loved by passengers. This is partly due to the 2-4-2 seating arrangement in Economy Class, which means that almost everyone can sit by the aisle or the window, although there are some low cost carriers with a tighter 3-3-3.

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