Airbus Wants To End The Transatlantic Trade War


Airbus wants to put an end to the trade war between the European Union and the United States. Due to the protracted conflict, import duties apply to Airbus aircraft sold in the US. The WTO has now ruled that the EU may take a similar measure.

Accusations have been flying back and forth between Airbus and Boeing for years. Both sides accuse each other of receiving illegal government aid. The WTO, which investigated the dispute, reprimanded both aircraft manufacturers for irregularities.

The United States announced earlier this year that it would maintain the 15 percent import tariff on Airbus aircraft. The European Union may now in turn demand a surcharge on various US products, including Boeing aircraft.

Airbus calls for the hatchet to be buried. “We did not start the dispute, and we do not want our customers and suppliers to be harmed any longer,” said Guillaume Faury, the CEO of Airbus. “We are ready to support new negotiations, which must lead to a fair deal. The WTO has now spoken out and the EU is allowed to introduce levies. However, we think it is time to find a solution so that the charges can be lifted on both sides of the Atlantic. ”

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