British Airways Suspends Gatwick Operations


British Airways is suffering from the English holiday ban and will therefore cancel many flights in the next four weeks, the airline said in an internal letter. Part of the fleet is to be parked again and flight operations at London Gatwick are temporarily suspended.

All that remains is a basic network from the more business-oriented London Heathrow, with routes important for essential traffic. It is not yet known exactly how many flights and routes this concerns, as it’s not stated in the internal letter that was seen by Sky News.

From today until the beginning of December, English people are no longer allowed to travel abroad unless necessary. The British government hopes this will prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. Whether this holiday ban ends in December depends on how high the number of infections are by then.

Earlier this week, TUI Airways decided to cancel all flights from England and Wales for four weeks. The airline will only operate repatriation flights. Other airlines have also had to cut their flight schedule due to the English holiday ban.

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