Lufthansa Group Quits Complementary Meal Service


Passengers wanting to eat and drink on a short or medium haul flight with Lufthansa, SWISS or Austrian will have to pay for the service in Economy Class from next spring. The airlines are switching to a buy-on-board model. According to parent company Lufthansa Group, this gives passengers a better offer, with more options to choose from.

“Our current snack offer in Economy Class does not always meet the expectations of our guests”, explains board member Christina Foerster. “The new offer has been developed on the basis of feedback.” It remains to be seen what exactly that offer will be and at what price. The individual airlines will announce this later, Foerster assures that it will be of “high quality”.

More and more companies are switching to a buy-on-board model, following the example of low-cost carriers. British Airways recently did the same. Few European or North-American airlines still provide a complementary meal- or snack-service on their short and medium haul flights.

Of the main airlines within the Lufthansa Group, Brussels Airlines has been offering buy-on-board on some of its flights for some time. So now Lufthansa, SWISS and Austrian follow.

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