Delta Air Lines Eyes Boeing 737 MAX


Delta Air Lines is considering the purchase of the Boeing 737 MAX, which was given the green light by the American FAA to return to the skies last week. CEO Ed Bastian reports this on Sunday in an interview with the Financial Times.

Delta has not yet placed an order for the 737 MAX. This is in contrast to other major US airlines such as American, United and Southwest. Delta does operate more than two hundred Boeing 737 NGs.

“We are talking to Boeing about many different things, including the MAX,” said Bastian. “If there is an opportunity where we feel comfortable purchasing the MAX, we will do it without hesitation.”

Until now, Delta only opted for Airbus to renew the narrow-body fleet. For example, the company ordered large numbers of A220s (95 aircraft) and A321neos (100 aircraft). Because of these orders it seems unlikely Delta will actually purchase the new Boeing 737. It is more likely the airline uses the rumors about a possible 737 order to pressure Airbus during price negotiations.

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