Boeing 737 MAX Operates First Flight With Passengers Since 2019 | Video


An American Airlines Boeing 737 MAX has operated the aircraft’s first flight with passengers on board since it was grounded in March 2019.

For the first time in one year and nine months, a Boeing 737 MAX has operated a flight with passengers on board. The flight, between Dallas and Tulsa, was operated by American Airlines and was carrying approximately 90 journalists, cabin crew and pilots. The first commercial passenger flight with a 737 MAX is currently scheduled to take place on 29 December.

The aircraft was recently declared airworthy again by the American aviation authority FAA. Before the aircraft was actually allowed to take to the skies again, airlines had to carry out a whole series of adjustments, updates and training. American Airlines is the first airline to meet these requirements. It also announced earlier this week that it will operate special 737 MAX flights with its own personnel, starting 3 December.

Source: AFP News Agency

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