Virgin Atlantic Organizes Unique Farewell For Boeing 747


Virgin Atlantic has decided to offer fans of the Boeing 747 one last chance to see the type from the inside one last time. A unique event will be organized on December 12th, where participants even get the chance to dine in the Upper Class.

Due to the pandemic, the British airline decided to say goodbye to the iconic Boeing 747 early. A special event will be set up in a hangar before the aircraft takes off from London Heathrow for the last time on December 16th.

Participants in the event will be given a tour of the entire aircraft, can talk to crew members and take pictures of everything. In addition, a 3-course meal is served.

“The Boeing 747 has played an important role in Virgin Atlantic’s history,” said COO Corneel Koster. “I am happy that we can offer enthusiasts this chance for a nice farewell.”

Due to coronavirus, there is only room for a select number of participants. Ticket sales start Monday, December 7th at 9:00 am UK time. A ticket costs £50 and the proceeds go to an organisation that supports food banks.

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