Advice To Cabin Crew: Avoid Using The Toilet, Wear Diapers


Chinese airline cabin crew are advised to wear disposable diapers and to reduce toilet use on special chartered flights from destinations with a high rate of COVID infections. This is stated in a new guideline from the Chinese aviation authority CAAC.

The advice applies to repatriation flights from destinations where the number of infections is more than 500 per million people.

“It is recommended that cabin crew wear disposable diapers and avoid going to the toilet, unless under special circumstances, to avoid the risk of infection,” it reads.

Cabin crew working on such flights must carry many special items in addition to diapers. Medical protective masks, double-layer medical disposable gloves, protective glasses, hood, protective clothing and shoe covers are standard equipment.

On such flights, the passenger cabin should be divided into several zones – a clean area, buffer zone, passenger seating area and quarantine area – to avoid the possibility of spreading the virus.

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