United Promises To Fly Climate Neutral By 2050


United Airlines promises to be fully climate neutral by 2050. In other words: the emission of greenhouse gases must then be zero on the balance. To achieve this, the airline relies on technology that removes CO2 from the air.

United will invest millions in the company 1PointFive. This company uses so-called Direct Air Capture technology to extract CO2 from the air. It is then stored deep underground so that it remains permanently out of the atmosphere.

With United’s millions – the company does not report exactly how much it invests – 1PointFive can build its first large factory in the United States. The factory must annually extract as much CO2 from the air as 40 million trees.

United will also focus on sustainable biofuels among other things. Allowing the aircraft to fly completely fossil-free, on electricity or hydrogen, is unlikely to be possible by 2050. The technology is not yet far enough for that.

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