US Carriers Will Receive An Additional 15 Billion In Aid


American politicians have reached an agreement on a new aid package for the economy worth $900 billion. This also includes $15 billion in allowances for airlines so that they can continue to pay salaries.

Sources report this to Reuters news agency. Officially, the content of the support package has yet to be announced. With the $15 billion for the airlines, it is expected that more than 32,000 employees sent on unpaid leave can be paid again.

The terms would be more or less the same as for the earlier bailout package in the spring, when US carriers received $25 billion (and another 25 billion in preferential loans). This includes the execution of a minimum number of flights.

In total, the federal government is allocating $45 billion for the transport sector. In addition to the 15 billion dollars for airlines, there is also 1.75 billion for airports and 1 billion for aviation-related handling and catering companies.

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